Byrd HD-20 Dehydrator Oven

Model's older brother HD-10, loads twice as many trays as the latter, making the separation between them half.

It provides more performance for its number of shelves, and can also be used with fewer levels of trays for larger volume items.

Available in analog and digital versions.

General characteristics:

  • Cabinet designed for intensive commercial use constructed of 1.2 mm thick stainless steel.
  • With mechanical metal fittings and tempered viewing glass.
  • Capacity of 20 trays provided with 45 cm x 70 cm in anodized aluminum, silicone, perforated non-stick for better evaporation.
  • Separation between trays: 40 mm.
  • Available surface for stowage: 6.30 m2.
  • Analog temperature control (Italian), thermostat and thermometer with voltage and operating indicator light and start switch.
  • Optional digital control. It controls temperature and humidity, connects to a PC and has telephone and internet output. Collect data and dehydration curves. With line voltage and operating indicator light and start switch.
  • Dimensions: height 1,660 mm, front 700 mm, depth 1,100 mm.
  • Electric version weight: 110 Kg.
  • Gas version weight: 180 Kg.
  • Wheels with electric version brake.
  • Legs with adjustable gas version legs.
  • Voltage: 380 volts 50 cycles (optional 220 volts 60 cycles), three-phase.
  • Energy consumption 2,200 W, 6 Amp per phase.
  • Gas energy consumption: 15,000 Kcal/h.
  • Includes recipe book with operating manual and basic functions.
  • Commercial use.

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