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Ovens and equipment for the food industry

We design and manufacture the most advanced and reliable equipment for the food industry

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Custom units

We manufacture equipment tailored to your needs

Our products

Smoking ovens

From domestic models to commercial and industrial equipment.

Dehydration ovens

All equipment to meet domestic, commercial and industrial demands.

Cooking and gastronomy elements

Reliable and efficient equipment for professional gastronomy.

grill fronts

To enjoy the cooking experience without worrying about heat, smoke or odors.

All our products are designed and manufactured with high quality standards and good manufacturing practices.

When we design a team we project it with the highest quality. So we manufacture products that offer the best and most advanced technical proposal and the best cost/benefit ratio.


Our factory has equipment and production systems, which are constantly updated, and highly trained technical personnel, which allow us to produce the best, most modern and efficient products.

Design and development

The constant evolution of the food and food service industry leads us to the challenge of rethinking designs, therefore implementing a system of continuous improvement (Method Kaizen), we constantly evolve them, thus being able to offer the equipment and products that the industry requires.

After sales service

The after-sales service is associated with technical support for the optimal use of the chosen unit, and also for the maintenance of the units in service already operational, with the provision of spare parts and solutions to problems and inconveniences immediately.

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I made macarons at the same time in both ovens and in yours, the Byrd Zetta-1 Electric Convector Oven, they came out perfect on all four trays. Heat distribution is perfect on all four levels.
The other oven also has four levels but I can only use two because otherwise they explode.

Yael Hecker

Yael's pastry shop, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

We bought a Byrd HAC-10 Plus Digital Smoker Oven for cooking and smoking. The oven improved our results by 100%: excellent smoking, optimal quality, improvements in cooking and cooking times. The change in our products was very notable.

Leonardo and William

Cheese'N Burgerr, La Plata

We bought a Byrd HDT-4 Dehydrator Oven. It gave us such good results that we bought another one to double production at our FRONDA FRUIT plant located in Caseros, Buenos Aires.

Mariano Perna

Manager of Fronda Fruit, Caseros, Buenos Aires

We have a Byrd HD-20 Dehydrator Oven. Previously we had bought a smaller one of the same brand for our Santa Rita Protected Workshop in Bahía Blanca. These ovens are very reliable and allowed us to keep the Protected Workshop running.


Director of Santa Rita Protected Workshop, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

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