Custom units

Customized unit is one that a client requests upon request outside of the standard equipment of Multiequip Byrd Argentina.

These units are designed based on the specific need raised by the future user.

What does a custom unit comprise?

The manufacturing field refers to machines for the food industry. Some examples below:

  • Special refrigerators.
  • Special freezers. Freezing tunnels.
  • Countertops, sinks, hoods and custom stainless steel work.
  • Customized standard equipment.
  • Restorations and repairs of gastronomic and food industry machinery.
  • Vegetable washing machines.
  • Regenerative turbines.
  • Extractors and centrifugal blowers.
  • Bakery and bakery machines (with automation option).
  • Pailas.
  • Low, medium and high temperature cold rooms.
  • Warmer or hot keepers.
  • Salad bar and lunchonnet.
  • Special electric or gas stoves and stoves.
  • Mills.
  • Knife and sharpening steel sterilizer.

How is a query about a custom unit made?

Through all our means of contact you can manage an in-person appointment or a telephone communication with our technical area.

After communication, the feasibility of the project is evaluated and the budget is subsequently prepared.

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