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I made macarons at the same time in both ovens and in yours, the Byrd Zetta-1 Electric Convector Oven, they came out perfect on all four trays. Heat distribution is perfect on all four levels.
The other oven also has four levels but I can only use two because otherwise they explode.

Yael Hecker

Yael's pastry shop, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

The kitchen hood turned out very well, very good job. Thank you very much for everything to you, your son, Jesus and the rest of the boys. They are very efficient and friendly. Thank you!

Daniel Cocciarini

Madison Brew Station - Bahía Blanca Plaza Shopping, Buenos Aires

Multiequip provided us with a Byrd Flash Electric Toaster. It streamlined our kitchen. It is impeccable and super practical.
Franco Madarieta

The House of Flowers, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

We bought a Byrd HAC-10 Plus Digital Smoker Oven for cooking and smoking. The oven improved our results by 100%: excellent smoking, optimal quality, improvements in cooking and cooking times. The change in our products was very notable.
Leonardo and William

Cheese'N Burgerr, La Plata

I trust them because I know they solve things well.


Provincial Hotel of Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires

Everything they made for me turned out to be excellent: fryers, oven, etc. I agree.


Owner of El Brasero, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

They made and installed two grill fronts for me in my house and apartment. Excellent works.

Diego Ferrara

Monte Hermoso, Buenos Aires

They designed and manufactured everything in my ice cream production plant in stainless steel. All with very good quality of materials and work.

Daniel Paggi

Pigue, Buenos Aires

We bought a Byrd HD-10 Dehydrator Oven. Very good machine.

Angelina and Gaston

Arraigo Cooperative, Villa Constitución, Santa Fe

We acquired a Byrd 14400 Plus Digital Dehydrator Oven. Very good team.

Javier Sevilla

ITAPROQ (CONICET Institute of Food Technology and Chemical Processes)

We bought one Byrd Raclette Cheese Gratin and then four more. First class equipment.


CONDARCO SA, Yerba Buena, Salta

They installed the entire cafeteria at the Bahía Blanca Airport for us. Everything first class.


Bahía Blanca Airport Cafe, Buenos Aires

MULTIEQUIP solves any kitchen and machine problem for me. Excellent resolution.


Manager of Aramark Restaurants Central, Petrochemical of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

They installed a formidable kitchen equipped to the highest standard.


Eat well, live better, Punta Alta, Buenos Aires

They fixed the kitchen for us. The ovens and stoves that they manufactured for us are of very good quality.

Sister Graciela

Director of Little Cotolengo of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

I bought a CA Byrd smoke chamber. This machine made my business grow.

Mariano Pachame

La Plata, Buenos Aires

They provided us with all the equipment for our Fast Food at the service station in Choele Choel (Rio Negro). All of superior quality. We are very satisfied.


Rogelio and Rubén SRL, Choele Choel, Rio Negro

Excellent equipment for cooking sauces.


Pastas Novissimo, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

We had machine problems at our location. Byrd solved everything for us.


BIX SIX Plaza Shopping, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

I fully trust the Byrd ovens, cold rooms and refrigerators that were installed in the kitchen of my restaurant “La Alemana” in Monte Hermoso. Excellent quality, materials, service and operation.

Guillermo Bracklo

Owner of La Alemana, Monte Hermoso, Buenos Aires

We bought a Byrd HDT-4 Dehydrator Oven. It gave us such good results that we bought another one to double production at our FRONDA FRUIT plant located in Caseros, Buenos Aires.

Mariano Perna

Manager of Fronda Fruit, Caseros, Buenos Aires

We have a Byrd HD-20 Dehydrator Oven. Previously we had bought a smaller one of the same brand for our Santa Rita Protected Workshop in Bahía Blanca. These ovens are very reliable and allowed us to keep the Protected Workshop running.


Director of Santa Rita Protected Workshop, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

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