Byrd 7200 Analog Dehydrator Oven

The smallest of the domestic line, the 7200 dehydrating oven is prepared to supply a small production for family use or learning in the field of dehydrating.

Compact, simple and extremely durable due to its components.

An example of loading is the case of apples sliced 3mm thick, without core. With an approximate load of 3 kg of fresh product, 500 g of dry product is obtained.

General characteristics:

  • Cabinet designed for intensive use made of 1.2mm thick stainless steel.
  • With mechanical metal fittings and tempered viewing glass.
  • Capacity of 6 trays provided with 40 cm x 30 cm in anodized aluminum, siliconed, non-stick, perforated for better evaporation.
  • Analog temperature control (Italian), thermostat and thermometer with operating indicator light and start switch.
  • Surface available for stowage: 0.72 m2.
  • Dimensions: height 380 mm, front 500 mm, depth 500 mm.
  • Weight: 28 Kg.
  • Voltage: 220 volts 50 cycles (optional 110 volts 60 cycles), single-phase.
  • Energy consumption 2,000 W, 9 Amp.
  • Includes recipe book with operating manual and basic functions.
  • Domestic use.

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