Byrd ES-0 Drying Oven

This equipment is used to dry human-made products. It is different to extract water from a food that we find in nature from something manufactured.

Drying ovens, unlike a dehydrating oven, recirculate air in a different way, generating a specific air current as these products demand.

They are manufactured in different sizes according to the production that we must address.

Examples of foods in these equipment are dry pasta, cookies and nut pastes, among others.

It is manufactured in two versions: gas or electric.

General characteristics:

  • Model ES-0: 3,000 W, 220 Vac 15,000 kcal/h, 1 forcer.
  • Dimensions: width 800 mm, depth 800 mm, height 1,800 mm (gas: width 1,000 mm, depth 800 mm, height 1,800 mm).
  • One door, one removable cart.
  • Cart: 400 mm x 600 mm x 1,400 mm and 1,000 liters. capacity.
  • Construction in stainless steel and aluminized metal sheet.
  • Air forcing + heater system.
  • Automated control board with digital temperature control.
  • Fully automated, with temperature/time/humidity data with access to the Internet and remote PCs.
  • Control system: fully digital.
  • Remote control and monitoring system Sitrad® system.
  • Stove functions: drying noodles, drying cereals, drying products in general, drying aromatics and grass.
  • Industrial use.

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