Byrd Nordic Smoker Box

Portable oven with smoking and cooking capacity, this product is designed to meet the possibility of cooking and smoking wild meats at the hunting and fishing location.

Ideal for the outdoors, whether in the patio, camping or outdoors.

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General characteristics:

  • Smoker function in concentrated static air cooking.
  • Cabinet built in “LC” No. 14 naval sheet metal.
  • Capacity: a 30x50 grid with handles (approximately 5 to 6 kg of food), removable for cleaning.
  • Control: it has a valve to regulate the flow of gas and a pyrometer to know the temperature at all times.
  • Dimensions: width 350 mm, length 650 mm, height 560 mm.
  • 6500 Cal/H burner. 15 kg of LPG gas every 40 hours of continuous use. It can also be used with wood by removing the burner.
  • Includes instruction manual and recipe book.
  • Home/entrepreneur use.

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