Byrd HA-1 Smoker Oven

With industrial features, the HA-1 smoker oven model is a piece of equipment created for large productions.

Refrigerators, sausage and cured meat factories, and other productive sectors are the potential users of this large-scale cooking element.

Oven functions:

  • Cold smoked (room temperature).
  • Hot smoking and braising (smoke cooking).
  • Drying and curing.
  • Boiling (thermo treatment of food with steam).
  • Thaw.
  • Sterilization (at 120°C with injected steam).
  • Steam cooking (vacuum packaged cooked foods).
  • Roast (dry cooking).
  • Gratin (air circulation at high temperature).
  • Cooked by hot air (combination of steam at the beginning and then continuous dry cooking).
  • Stainless steel “pinch” sensor that acts as a real-time indicator of the internal temperature of the food.

General characteristics:

  • Industrial use.
  • Cabinet designed for intensive industrial use, built in 1.2 mm thick stainless steel.
  • With heavy-duty metal fittings and double-contact stainless steel weather stripping.
  • 14 levels 90 cm x 70 cm for 28 non-stick silicone perforated trays of 45 cm x 70 cm provided, or hangers with hooks plus a grease collecting tray on a removable trolley.
  • Available cooking surface: 8.82 m2.
  • Digital control with temperature, time, recipes, smoke flow, continuous steam and internal food temperature.
  • Smoking system by combustion boiler of aromatic wood “chips” (flameless). Smoke box.
  • Heating system for gas, LPG or electric cooking.
  • Dimensions: height 2,400 mm x front 1,500 mm x depth 1,350 mm.
  • Weight: 359 kg.
  • Voltage: 380 volts 50 cycles.
  • Includes basic instructions with operating manual and basic functions.
  • Energy consumption:
    • Electric heating: 42 kw/h.
    • Heating by natural gas or LPG: 60,000 kcal/h.
    • Maximum natural gas consumption (G20): 9.6 m3/h.
    • Maximum LPG consumption: 7.3 kg/h.

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